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This is Bowling, There are Rules

There are a few rules for this event. Here they are:

  1. Teams of 6-10 bowlers (minimum two girls per team must be bowling in each game).
  2. Each team has three hours to bowl at least two (2) games. If a team only finishes two (2) complete games during its allotted 3-hour time slot, then those two (2) games count towards the tournament. If a team finishes three games in its three hours, the two (2) highest cumulative scores are counted towards the tournament.
  3. For a game to count, it must be completed within the three-hour session. Teams will not be allowed to finish an active game once the three hours are up, no matter how close to finishing they may be.
  4. Whichever team totals the highest combined scores over two games wins the tournament.
    • In the event of a tie, the winning team will be the team with the highest single game score (team, not individual).
      • If still a tie, the winner will be the team with the highest individual game score (if still a tie after this point, then a coin flip will determine the winner).
  5. All standard bowling rules apply (i.e. toes must stay behind the line, no steroid use, etc.).
  6. Barring a machine malfunction of some sort, the computerized lane scoring will stand as the official score. Please ask a tournament official to verify your score after each round.
  7. In the event of an injury, substitution will be allowed (provided the sub isn't a member of the PBA).
  8. No members of the PBA are allowed to participate.