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The Fundraising Competition

Where's the Money, Lebowski?

We're holding a competition, and we hope that you'll take part. It's our annual fundraising competition, and it's open to all participants in The Dude Hates Cancer. The best part about this competition? There's only one loser: cancer. For the rest of the fundraisers, you stand to win some pretty fantastic prizes for your efforts. And if you or your team don't happen to win one of the many prizes available, you've still helped fund life-saving cancer research and can hold your head high!

It's simple: those that raise the very most money for our campaign will win great prizes, and those that raise a lot of money will increase their chances of winning something fantastic. We'll have amazing prizes (to be announced later this spring) for the top fundraising individuals and teams, and participants who meet certain fundraising milestones will earn chances in our fundraising raffle (with more great prizes)!

We'll also give you all the tools necessary to help us raise money, including:

  • Your own personal fundraising website
  • Books of raffle tickets that practically sell themselves (see: The Buffalo Restaurant Pass)
  • A personal consultation to go over fundraising strategy with people who do this for a living at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Your team's registration money definitely helps us fight these diseases, but we wouldn't come anywhere close to meeting our fundraising goals without the help of participants that raise extra money for the cause. We hope you'll help us reach our goal in 2011 and kick the crap out of cancer!

This is Fundraising, There Are (a Few) Rules...

  1. The deadline raising money for the competition is the beginning of your bowling session on [Date] (money raised after this time will not be included in your total, but will still be welcomed).
  2. Matching donations will not count unless they're received by said deadline
  3. The winning teams and individuals will be announced the night of the event
  4. There are no rules. Just kidding...see above.

Fundraising Competition Milestones

Amount Raised Reward
$100 1 entry into fundraising raffle
$250 3 entries in fundraising raffle
$500 7 entries in fundraising raffle
$1,000 15 entries in fundraising raffle