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Donate a Prize to The Dude Hates Cancer

The Dude Hates Cancer has been in existence for six years now. Over its first three years, The Dude Hates Cancer raised a little over $10,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Over the past three years, TDHC has raised over $167,000 for the cause. Now it's expanding from its Philadelphia birthplace to two other cities -- Buffalo and Houston. None of this incredible short-term growth would have been possible without the support of businesses, large and small.

With the new campaign about to commence, we're looking for businesses to jump on board our crusade to cure cancer once again. And if you run a business, you can help! Outside of signing on as a sponsor (which is covered here), the best way you can help us if by donating a prize to the event. Your prize donation is 100% tax-deductible, offers you a tremendous marketing opportunity for your business, and will be used in one of five ways:

  1. The Fundraising Competition
  2. The Silent Auction
  3. The Buffalo Restaurant Pass raffle prize
  4. Our Top Bowling Team Prize
  5. T-Shirt Design Competition Prize

Here's a little more information on each of these prize destinations...


The Fundraising Competition

The Fundraising Competition is where we use the largest percentage of the prizes we receive because it's the vehicle by which the event raises the most money. In our fundraising competition, individuals and teams compete to see who can raise the most money for the cause. As an incentive for participants to raise money beyond their registration costs, we reward those individuals and teams that raise the most with great prizes collected from businesses like yours. Prizes are designated and given to the Top 3 individual fundraisers, the Top 3 fundraising teams, and we also hold a fundraising raffle in which participants are given a certain number of chances in the raffle based on having reached certain fundraising milestones (e.g. an individual that raises $100 or more for the cause gets one chance in the raffle, an individual that raises $500 or more gets five chances, and an individual that raises $1,000 or more gets 15 chances).

In addition to the prizes designated above, there are also a couple of additional ways a prize donation can be used in our fundraising competition:

  • We may use prizes as incentives for early fundraising. In other words, we might say the person or team that raises the most money by such-and-such a date will receive such-and-such a prize. This is helpful because the earlier we can get people started with fundraising, the more money we'll raise
  • If a business is willing to create its own milestone incentive for participants, we'll gladly incorporate that into the competition and promote it. For example, if you owned a bakery and were willing to donate a free cupcake to all participants that raised at least $50 for the cause, we would add that to our list of fundraising milestones and promote it to all participants

Recognition: Prizes (and the businesses that donated them) will be advertised for all participants on our website as well as in Team Welcome Packets and in emails to participants during the campaign

The Silent Auction

The silent auction at our event is another terrific way for us to raise last-minute money for the cause with your generous donations. All those in attendance at the event will be able to browse our silent auction tables and bid on prizes that interest them. We'll oftentimes pair prize donations together in our Silent Auction in order to create larger, more valuable prize packages.

Recognition: In addition to the recognition received by first-hand observation of the prize on our silent auction tables at the event, the prizes (and businesses that contributed them) will also be listed and described in our Silent Auction program book, which is given out to all participants at the event.

Silent Auction in Progress

The Buffalo Restaurant Pass (Restaurants Only)

A couple of years ago at our Philadelphia event we realized that we could raise a whole lot more money for the cause by packaging all of the restaurant gift certificates we were receiving into one incredible prize and letting our participants sell raffle tickets for it as part of our fundraising competition. So, we collected 26 gift certificates of $50 or more from local restaurants (enough to eat out once every other week for a year) and created a prize called The Philly Restaurant Pass. We marketed it as "Dinner for Two for a Year at Local Restaurants." The raffle campaign was a huge success. Last year, we gave participants even more reason to sell the tickets by creating a "Seller's Incentive" Prize (ie, the person that sold the winning raffle ticket would also receive a package of restaurant gift certificates). The raffle raised tens of thousands of dollars for us. This year, we're bringing that idea to Buffalo, and will graciously be accepting restaurant gift certificate donations for one or both of these prizes.

Recognition: All gift certificates and restaurants will be listed on The Buffalo Restaurant Pass page of this site, with links to each restaurant's website. Additionally, all participants will receive a flyer listing all of the gift certificates and restaurants included in the prizes, which they can show to prospective buyers to help sell the tickets. We promote the raffle prize and the participating restaurants wherever possible.

Top Honors Bowling Prize

Though we dedicate most of our prizes to areas that help us raise the most money possible for the cause, there's something to be said for the team that bowls the best at the main event. So, we're on the lookout for a prize or two that we can give to an entire team of bowlers (prize must be able to accomodate a team of 6-10 bowlers).

Recognition: In return for your generous donation, we'll advertise your donation on this website and in emails to participants leading up to the event as the "[Your Business Name] Championship Prize." (with a link to your website)

T-Shirt Design Competition Prize

The T-shirt Design Competition occurs every year in the spring before our campaign starts up and decides what the official t-shirt given to participants at the main event will be. We accept submissions from anyone that is willing to create a design, and then we place all of the designs on our website and allow fans and participants to vote on their favorite designs. It's a terrific way for us to draw traffic to the site and drum up interest for the upcoming campaign.

We've held this competition the past two years, and each time we've ended up with an outstanding shirt for the event. This year's competition promises to be even more lucrative because we've expanded into two more cities and the competition will now decide the t-shirt for three events instead of one.

Recognition: In order to encourage submissions, we award a prize or prizes to the designer of the winning t-shirt. The business(es) that contribute those prizes are listed as the official sponsors of the T-Shirt Design Competition, and their prizes are advertised on the design competition webpage (which receives a lot of traffic throughout the competition, first from designers and then from visitors who come to vote on the entries). Due to the national scope of this year's competition, the prize used for this purpose will have to be something that can be used by the winner regardless of their location (ie, we can't use prizes that only have value in specific locations, like gift certificates to a locally-owned business).

How to Donate

We hope you'll donate a prize to this year's event and help us fight these terrible diseases. Your donations are the driving force behind this event. To make a donation, please send your donation to the following address, or contact us to arrange pickup: